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Mediaforest Inc.

President: Hiroshi Fujiki
3-35, Shibukawa-cho 2-chome, Higashi-osaka City, Osaka 577-0836, Japan


Mediaforest Inc.
Our job of works

Introduction of the technique and the know-how
Systems development
Digitized Contens development

Future jobs
Systems development
Digitized Contens development

Introduction of the technique and the know-how
◆Systems development department
   Producing control system for construction firms
1. Work; System analysis Investigation, System Development, System Operation
2. Setting up basic system on AS/400
3. Making out of LAN and WAN
◆Digitized contents department
   Digitized contents Department.
Making of high quality contents.
Producing Web Sites for your purpose. (Mailing magazines)

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◆Future jobs◆
◆Systems development department


Skill and management
Mediaforest bring together exceptionally skilled consultants, technicians, and managers with a wide variety of backgrounds in computer systems, software application development, and project management.
Regardless of the scale of your project, Mediaforest apply determination, effort, and commitment to ensure its success and contribute to yours. Our staffs have the ample expertise and facilities to help you and are able to meet any of your business purpose.


IT consultation
Every industry needs Intelligence consultation.
With the spread of personal computers, computer system can control the fate of a company in every business fields. So we assure that we could help your business with consulting.
- We can provide customers high quality computer system regardless of any industries.
- The essential thing is to grasp customer's needs with accuracy, and then we'll develop our works activity.
3. Producing Net Ware
Prompt judgement and rapid decision making are the most important thing to survive the competition society. We can develop NetWare system according to their respective needs.
4. Developing computer system
Excel and Access are indispensable application software for enterprise; our professional team offers you our specific system.
◆Digitized contents department
   1. Making of high quality contents
The worth reading-mailing magazine, "Navigator" is our flagship product, and we predict the way of reading for the next generation as our next steps.
2. Producing Web sites for your purpose
We will make out Web sites that match the purpose from making a plan to its completion with our assistance.
3. We change your assets into digitized contents
If you have information by traditional means, you have to digitized it!

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